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PS Pro: The Edit

Beauty routine in need of a glow up? Discover The Edit, our latest range of PS Pro must-haves.

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxe to your beauty stash without breaking your budget then call off the search. Created using elevated product formulations and housed in stunning photo-worthy packaging, our PS Pro The Edit collection contains everything you need to create a covetable beauty look. Forget failed attempts at following TikTok beauty hacks, our new-in collection is full of foolproof beauty staples so you can nail that natural, effortless look in an instant.

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Premium Cosmetics

Want to achieve that coveted ‘glowing from within’ look? Prep your base with our hydrating skincare range before applying our dewy tinted moisturiser. Brush our handy concealer over dark circles and problem areas for extra coverage then take your pick of our blush and bronzer shades.

Easy-to-use and a dream to apply, our PS Pro cream blusher wands come complete with a soft cushion applicator, perfect for a radiant yet soft-focus glow.

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Eyeshadow Palette £5, Face Lip Serum £2.50, Mascara £3.50, Buffing Body Brush £5

Add colour using our PS Pro eyeshadow palette, the ultimate mix of matte and shimmer neutral shades, and complete your look with our flattering lipstick hues.

Need a lip look that lasts? Pick up our lip scrub and lip serum. Use the former to gently exfoliate away dry and flaky skin then nourish your pout by dabbing on our conditioning serum formula.


Indulgent Skincare & Fragrance

This collection is all about that ‘treat yourself’ mentality so if you’re not a makeup fiend then look to our skincare and fragrance options to get your fix.

Our PS Pro face mask is ideal for me-time. Containing AHA’s for gentle exfoliation, its glow inducing ingredients will leave your complexion radiant and refreshed. Whether it’s your morning or evening skincare routine in need of a new addition, our Ps Pro facial serum deserves a starring role. Apply all over for an instant boost.

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Face Serum £5, 100ml Eau De Parfum £8, Face Mask £5, Gua Sha Set £8

If you’re not set on a signature scent a spritz of our Pomegranate and Black Tea Eau De Parfum might change your mind. Plus, it’s gold toned glass bottle will look divine on your vanity set-up.

You’ll find our luxe beauty edit collection in selected stores.